Jet Set Cement
Over 50 years proof of excellence in concrete repair

Products Engineered for the discerning Professional

Jet Set Cement


High performance, concrete repair products for the discerning professional.

Jet Set Cement was founded with the sole purpose of developing concrete repair products with the highest benchmarks for long term performance. The requirements for acceptance are:

• Extreme Strength

• Long-Term Durability

• Ease of Use

• Benign Environmental Impact

• Safety for the User


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Complete Repair

Jet Set Complete Repair is an all around, general purpose patch and repair product. Use Jet Set Complete Repair for structural patches, all purpose concrete repair, concrete pipe patch, pre-cast concrete patch and vertical and overhead repair.

Jet Smooth

Jet Smooth is a designed for wall finished and a preparation for paint. It is a very high performance product. It is engineered with high-tech chemistry to provide exceptional characteristics, beyond current benchmarks.

Jet Plug

Jet Plug is a leak stopper comprised of various types of low alkali cements and sand. It is a high performance repair product engineered for: stopping water leaks and plugging various types of breaches. 

Wilson Latex

Wilson Latex is a Portland Cement based compound. It is primarily used for patching floors, particularly in exterior applications where gypsum based products cannot be used.

Jet Pour

Jet Pour is an anchoring cement comprised of various types of low alkali cements and sand. It is an extremely strong anchoring cement with exceptional pullout characteristics. It is intended for virtually all interior applications.

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