Jet Set Cement
Over 50 years proof of excellence in concrete repair

Jet Set

Jet Set Smooth


JET SET SMOOTH is a very high performance product. It is engineered with high-tech chemistry to provide exceptional characteristics, beyond current benchmarks.

Use it for:

  • Tilt wall Coating.

  • Preparing Walls for Painting.

  • Filling small fissures, cracks and holes.

  • Ultra smooth finishes.


JET SET SMOOTH was engineered with the contractor in mind. It is:

  1. Easy to use. Simply mix to a soft putty consistency and trowel on.

  2. Needs only water added.

  3. Feathers to a microthin edge.

  4. Very low alkali content minimizes time to wait for painting.

  5. JET SET SMOOTH cures less rigid than concrete, and it feathers, so does not need grinding. This greatly reduces exposure to free silica.

  6. Costs are reduced: No grinding is required. The product extends considerably, with microthin application.

Mixing, Preparation, Application and Curing (see Instructions).

  1. Surfaces must be clean, fresh and contaminant free.

  2. Mix only enough JET SET SMOOTH so that it can be applied within approximately 15 minutes after mixing. Do not re-mix.

  3. Mix to putty-like consistency, comfortable for troweling.

  4. Simply trowel on. JET SET SMOOTH is refined to extend considerably farther than other products.

Download the Safety Data Sheet here