Jet Set Cement
Over 50 years proof of excellence in concrete repair

Jet Set

Complete Repair


JET SET COMPLETE REPAIR is a high performance patch product engineered for:

  • Structural Patches

  • All Purpose Concrete Repair

  • Concrete Pipe Patch

  • Pre-cast Concrete Patch

  • Vertical and Overhead Repair

Mix as a thick putty for large or small patches, any thickness to feather edge. (See Instructions)



JET SET COMPLETE REPAIR is comprised of various types of low alkali cements and sand. There are no other ingredients. It is environmentally friendly and presents only those health hazards normally associated with cements and sand.

For health hazard issues and handling precautions, please consult the "SDS".

Jet Set Complete Repair is packaged in 50 lb. poly-lined moisture resistant bags, 50 lb. plastic pails and 10 pound plastic pails.For complete instructions on application and usage, see "EASY APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS".Jet Set Complete Repair has been performing for over 50 years

Download the Safety Data Sheet here




For All Products:

  • Make certain all surfaces to be repaired are clean - free from grease, dirt, oil film, release agents and marine growth. Clean, chip or wire brush all surfaces down to fresh concrete. Remove all loose material.

  • Add water to mix only. Do not add mix to water.

  • Just before application, be certain all surfaces to be repaired are wet (except Jet Set Smooth).

  • After final set, (about 10 minutes) use curing agent, or keep repair wet, especially in hot or dry weather.

  • Clean mixing equipment after each batch. It can re-temper the next batch, or harden on.


  • Do Not apply to dry surfaces (except Jet Set Smooth).

  • Do Not apply to dirty, slimy or oily surfaces.

  • Do Not overwork repairs.

  • Do Not Re-mix.

  • Do not brush with water until after final set (about 10 minutes).

  • Do Not add mix to water (except Jet Pour).

  • Do Not use bonding agents.

JET SET Complete Repair:

  1. Mix to a no slump consistency. Do not add too much water. Mix should mound up with no slump.

  2. Thoroughly wet the surface that is to be repaired, then place mix firmly to existing concrete, wood or steel. May be applied underwater (allow mixture to begin firming before underwater application).

  3. Mix the material for no more than 1 or 2 minutes before application.

  4. Mix only enough material so that it can be used in 4 or 5 minutes. Allow repair to become firm to the touch - 6 to 10 minutes - then shave to grade with trowel edge. Finish repair in usual way.

  5. Do not overwork. Do not brush with water until final set (about 10+ minutes).