Jet Set Cement
Over 50 years proof of excellence in concrete repair

Jet Set

Wilson Latex


JET SET WILSON LATEX is a concrete repair and coating product which is used for:

  • Patching floors, interior and exterior.

  • Preparing floors for covering.

  • Coating retaining walls, tilt walls and other concrete structures.

  • General use concrete patching and repair.

Mix as a putty and trowel-on. Any thickness to feather edge. (See Instructions)



Wilson Latex Cement is a Portland Cement based product. It is primarily used for patching floors, particularly in exterior applications where gypsum based products cannot be used. Other uses include general patching, interior and exterior, and tilt wall patching/coating.

Wilson Latex Cement is composed of Portland Cement, silica sand, fillers and proprietary ingredients.

For health hazard issues and handling precautions, please consult the "MSDS"

WILSON LATEX has been used for 35 years by many of the most demanding contractors. It has proven its long term durability and dependability. It is a time proven solution to many concrete repair problems.

Download the Safety Data Sheet here.